Head of Office

Emanuela Benini

Emanuela Benini, Italian Expert in International Development Cooperation and Global Education. She has a Master’s Degree in Development Law and has been a UNDP-JPO, founding the first JPO Association worldwide, and a European Commission stagiaire.

She joined the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation AICS from the its outset in 2016, coming from a thorough experience in the Italian MoFA/DGDC (Development Cooperation/Technical Unit). Her tasks have entailed: contribution to introducing &/or framing &/or coordinating innovative tools and issues promoted by the Italian Development Cooperation: Decentralized Cooperation; Country Programming; Project Cycle Management and internal procedures; Italian Masters on Development Cooperation; Global/Development Education; Gender and Human Development 1990; Sustainable and Responsible Tourism; Youth Engagement & Communication for Development; Children Rights; Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage; Migration issues including literature, community use of remittances and return migration; Education & Decent Work and promoted ILO issues. She has assessed hundreds of projects in all continents.

She has carried out over 150 institutional interactive lectures in Universities and institutions, in 4 languages, throughout Italy and in 4 continents, included the lectio magistralis at the 120th anniversary of the Italian Society of Geographical studies. She has been Member i.a. of: OECD/DAC Expert Group; Sustainable Tourism Donors’ Group; Global Platform for Agriculture and Rural Development, co-leader of Youth Group; ILO platform Decent Jobs for Youth. She has been Director of the Global European Network Europe in 2017.

Director of MoFA/DC Regional Office for Central America and the Caribbean, in Guatemala, from (2004 – 2008), among achievements: six-countries innovative project CafeYcaffe’ winner of Milano-Expo award; disaster management regional systems; inverted youth image and promoted their multi-faceted engagement in Guatemala and in the Caribbean; paved the way to UNITE, Central American One campaign of all actors on GBV.

Deputy Director of the Jerusalem Office (2013 – 2014) where she has promoted i.a.  the importance of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism.

She is a PCM Trainer. She enjoys writing and photography and is an extended traveler, as everyone in the Development Cooperation world, now rightly renamed International Partnership, as we are all partners.

Emanuela Benini, esperta italiana di cooperazione internazionale allo sviluppo e educazione globale. Ha conseguito un Master in Diritto dello sviluppo ed è stata UNDP-JPO, fondando la prima associazione JPO al mondo, e stagiaire della Commissione Europea alla DG-1.