Successful completion of the first national training on the vulnerability of Pakistan’s mountains

Islamabad, November 24, 2023_The first national training for sustainable management of nature resources in mountain areas in Pakistan successfully concluded. It has been organized by @FAOPakistan in the framework of the project funded by @AICS and with the scientific support provided by the Marine Biology Department at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of University.

During the extensive 4 day sessions, 15 participants from different provinces and organizations have been trained about the main tools for data collection and analysis in order to evaluate soil condition, drought, population density and other indicators and the generation of maps and statistics to share with decision-makers. The final aim of the training was to introduce a comprehensive evaluation of environmental vulnerability and to enhance natural resource management in mountain communities.

Syed Ghulam Qadir Shah, Inspector General at the Forest Department of the Minister of Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, attended the final session of the training along with Mr. Francesco Zatta, Head of AICS Islamabad. It was a fruitful occasion to talk with the participants about training activities, the main challenges faced by the different remote areas and further action steps needed to tackle the vulnerability.

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